Now Available:  Deep Peace Inner Stillness Meditations in MP3 version.
Select any title to purchase the downloadable audio file for $3.00 each.

  1. The Sponge
  2. Wave of Healing & Relaxation
  3. Light of Peace
  4. Energy Follows Attention
  5. Transport into Nature


Deep Peace Inner Stillness CD

The CD has 5 different guided meditations.

New CD by Cathy Woods
(Audio Recording)

This CD of guided meditations was recorded as a resource for my yoga students who say they wish they could experience the inner peace they feel in my workshops and classes.

Cathy’s clear voice and concise guidance lead you on an inward journey to deep peace and inner stillness.

The CD is $15.00, plus $3.95 for shipping.

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Also available: Meet Cathy Woods, complimentary DVD for promotional (not instructional) purposes.

Meet Cathy Woods

Promotional DVD

Contact Cathy to receive a free copy.

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