Body, Mind, Equine

As a yoga teacher of 25 years & long-time trailrider, it was a natural, organic process that my passions combined, as there are many similarities between the two. 

Both yoga and horsemanship require the awareness of the present moment, breathing, the body and certainly energy. Several years ago, I decided to create a program that synergistically combined these practices into a cohesive, fun and learning workshop called The Yoga of Horsemanship TM / Body, Mind, Equine TM. Read more…

The Respectful Student/Teacher Relationship & What Makes a Guru

So often, we define “relationships” as being with loved ones, family members, and friends. 

However, throughout any given day, we will encounter many relationships, on different levels, and with various people.  Examples of these relationships may include the grocery store clerk, our server at a restaurant, and… yes, even our yoga teachers. 

What is the true role of a yoga teacher?  Read more . . .

Yoga Confusion: Systems, Styles, Certifications . . . what do they all mean?

Hatha, Kundalini, Amrit, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Kripalu and so on and so on…

There are many “styles” of yoga, which can lead to many confused students. However, there are really only six systems of yoga.

As a long- time yoga teacher and yogini, some of the questions that I hear from students are: What do all these styles mean?  Which one is “best?” Which one is for me? What style are you “certified” in? It seems to have become trendy to be part of a “style of yoga.”

I hope I can clarify some of the confusion and mixed messages. Read more . . .

Bringing Yoga to Rural America

As you walk through city and suburban streets it is common to see yoga studios, people wearing yoga clothes or yogis with a mat in tow.

Most of us don’t think twice about it. Read more . . .


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